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Patch My PC Feature and Application Request

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Add Intune Multi-Tenant Support

Idea: - useful for Service Providers with multiple Microsoft Intune customers - one instance can be used to manage multiple tenants - savings in computing power and less administration Action: add small customer db to store customer informati...
Guest almost 3 years ago in Publishing Service 9 SHIPPED
109 VOTE

Certificates for azure app registration instead of secrets

Following Microsoft guidelines, we would like to use certificates for azure app registration instead of secrets since they are more secure. Reference:
Jeff Wright over 1 year ago in Publishing Service 0 SHIPPED
109 VOTE

Customizable Naming Convention for Intune Applications

Add the ability to have a customised naming convention for applications when they are created in Intune. This would allow for the naming convention across all Intune applications to be standardised when a naming convention is already in place. For...
Guest about 2 years ago in Publishing Service 10 SHIPPED

ConfigMgr/Intune Inventory Scanner - show which devices have the software installed, not just how many

It would be nice if there would be an option which allows an export of which devices have a specific software installed, not just how many.
Liviu Barbat 8 months ago in Publishing Service 0 SHIPPED

Support for Intune filters

Intune now supports filters to better target specific types of devices for app and policy assignments. Support for this feature in Patch My PC would be great. As of now, apps and upd...
Merlijn Van Waeyenberghe over 1 year ago in Publishing Service 6 SHIPPED
128 VOTE

Add support for Microsoft Intune

Please add support for Intune cloud managed clients
Jan Ketil Skanke over 3 years ago in Publishing Service 16 SHIPPED

Allow both exclude and uninstall in the same assignment

We deploy several apps as required to "All Users", but we want to exclude the apps from certain group(s), and uninstall the app on the same groups. An example is that we want to deploy a PDF Reader to everyone, but remove it if they get a PDF Edit...
Guest 4 months ago in Publishing Service 1 SHIPPED

Application Dependencies for Intune

Be able to set and retain application dependencies for applications updated by PMP. The reason for this, is because I have some apps like Adobe that need to have a base install done first and then get the update package from PMP. Currently there a...
Mathew Sonnet over 1 year ago in Publishing Service 5 SHIPPED

Allow customized popup notifications that are plain language

Most notifications are for non-technical end users. The language in the OoB popup notifications is full of IT jargon, something that end users do not appreciate or understand. And sometimes there's more they need to know about the update. If the t...
Guest over 1 year ago in Publishing Service 2 SHIPPED

Base Installation Feature Should Create Applications not Packages in SCCM

The base installation feature available today in the publishing service uses the legacy package model in SCCM. It would be a better experience for it to create applications for base installations. We are adding this idea based on previous customer...
Justin Chalfant over 3 years ago in Publishing Service 7 SHIPPED