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Pre-Configure Manage Conflicting Processes for Products that Require Applications be Closed Before Installation

As catalog continues to grow, so will the list of apps that require manage conflicting processes to be configured. My thoughts here are to hopefully reduce possible support questions, the manual configuration required by the customer, and updat...
Jason Bergner 2 days ago in Publishing Service 1 SUBMITTED

Integrate Intune App Updates Device Restart with Active Hours

Windows 10 have Active Hours built-in which checks when the user is using the device. With Windows updates, we can schedule updates outside of active hours. It would be good if you configure that the Device Restart has to happen outside of active ...
Thijs Lecomte over 2 years ago in Publishing Service 0 SUBMITTED

Handle or Manage Application Prerequisites

Patch My PC should be able to handle application prerequisites, for example: Apple iTunes requires Apple Bonjour to be installed before installation success is possible The same is true of TechSmith's Snagit and Microsoft WebView2 runtime. The Pat...
Andrew Jimenez about 1 year ago in Publishing Service 1 SUBMITTED

Create Update Categories

It could be nice to have updates and applications categorized - so it would be possible to subscribe to security only, or all updates Its not always you want to create new updates/applications - but most often security updates are very important t...
Guest over 1 year ago in Publishing Service 0 SUBMITTED

Make PatchMyPC-ScriptRunner.exe exit code same as pre/post script

If the application's installer exit code is a success, and the user has a pre or post script define, please consider allowing PatchMyPC-ScriptRunner.exe to exit with exit code of the pre or post script. It might be ideal for an admin to fail the i...
Adam Cook almost 2 years ago in Publishing Service 0 NOTED

Support detecting software that translates DisplayName

Some products localise depending on the OS's locale, and sometimes this means they localise the value in the DisplayName registry value within the Uninstall key. This is supportable for WSUS applicability rules but it would be ideal if the ConfigM...
Adam Cook almost 2 years ago in Publishing Service 0 NOTED

Define default availability/restart grace periods

Some companies always use the same Availability/Restart grace period settings for all apps. It would be cool if we could define some 'default' settings that apply to all applications by default, but can be changed on an application level.
Thijs Lecomte over 2 years ago in Publishing Service 2 SUBMITTED

Show current command line in Modify command line dialogue

It would be useful to show the application's current command line parameters when a user looks at the Modify command line window (see attached).
Guest over 1 year ago in Publishing Service 2 PLANNED

Force app startup after installation/update

Some programs does not start automatically after update/installation, looking at you Cisco 😠. Currently this can only be achieved with a combination of post-installation scripts and scheduled tasks. This being quite a hassle to develop for each ap...
Tue Zilba almost 2 years ago in Publishing Service 4 SUBMITTED

Detection method by DisplayVersion and InstallLocation

Some applications change property in the registry durning installation, based on the culture settings (DisplayName, PSChildName) and the detection method script fails. I suggest adding a switch to the detection method script, that will only check ...
Sebastian Pawlowski about 2 years ago in Publishing Service 0 SUBMITTED