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Patch My PC Feature and Application Request

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Clean up ConfigMgr Software Update Groups and Deployment Packages

For lack of a manual or automated clean-up procedure on SUGs and Update Deployment Pkgs, it would be really cool to have the PmP publishing service do a clean-up. Here's what I saw at a customer today... The package for PmP content had accumulated...
Merlijn Van Waeyenberghe about 2 years ago in Publishing Service 1 SUBMITTED

High security option to allow admin to approve updates, based on metadata

This is because of the Solarwinds issue. If PatchMyPC gets hacked in the future, it could be used to deploy things we do not want into our systems. I would like to see a way for the local admin to approve what is being deployed, by independently v...
Guest about 2 years ago in Publishing Service 0 SUBMITTED

Remove prompt for UAC when opening Patch My PC Publisher

The Publisher's UI prompts for UAC because Settings.xml is needed for read/write in Program Files. Moving this to another location eg ProgramData would enable teams without local administrator rights on servers to manage our software.
Adam Cook 5 months ago in Publishing Service 0 SUBMITTED

Customize documentation link

Possibility to customize the "user documentation" link of an application from the publishing service
Annette Wirz 7 months ago in Publishing Service 0 SUBMITTED

Changing Toast Notification message on a per app basis

When I change the toast notifications settings for the one app, I saw it updated the top-level toast notification (All Products for Customization Options) too. Can we make setting custom Toast Notifications on a per app basis?
Guest 10 months ago in Publishing Service 0 SUBMITTED

Intune Scan Wizard performance enhancement

The Intune Scan Wizard takes a considerable amount of time to return data in large environments (e.g. customer with 67000 discovered apps)
Scott McAllister 10 months ago in Publishing Service 0 SUBMITTED

Notify user to restart app - Manage Conflicting Procsses

As an alternative to prompting a user to close an app before it updates, being able to prompt a user to restart an app once it has finished updating may be of use. Example from Tidio: When Chrome installs an update, it doesn't fully update until C...
Scott McAllister about 1 year ago in Publishing Service 2 SUBMITTED

Additional highlighting of apps that require local content

Currently the publisher prompts if a program that requires local content is enabled but the local content repository is not set. However once the publisher confirms that the local content repo is set, the only indications given that a program requ...
Scott McAllister over 1 year ago in Publishing Service 0 SUBMITTED

deploying older version of cisco anyconnect from the local repo

Hi, this would greatly benefit our institute as we have to get our cisco anyconnect client from one of our local uni's and it was hard enough just getting the version i was able to get off them as it took a few months.
Guest over 1 year ago in Publishing Service 3 SUBMITTED

Stop Publishing Updates and/or Applications No Longer Detected in SCCM DB

On each Publishing Service sync, Patch My PC queries the SCCM DB to see what applications are installed on workstations. Can an option be added to "uncheck" updates from the list of updates and/or applications in the PMP Publishing Service setting...
Roger M almost 2 years ago in Publishing Service 0 SUBMITTED