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Patch My PC Feature and Application Request

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Delete N-2 previous Intune applications

Right now we have the option: "Delete any previously created applications when...". Some companies do want to keep the previous application, but want to delete the application before that. So if we would need the option to remove N-X applications
Thijs Lecomte about 3 years ago in Publishing Service 4 SHIPPED

Change Intune app categories

Can we have the ability to change the categories which are assigned to devices? Currently there are two being added by default: Patch My Pc Patch My PC Applications It would be good if we could delete these and manage them ourselves.
Thijs Lecomte about 3 years ago in Publishing Service 12 SHIPPED

Define scopes inside the Publisher service

by default .. all apps are assigned to "default" scope. If you choose a SCOPE.. you then define a powershell detection script to identify membership in that scope.. and an order of evlauation. Then Allow a defined scope to be selected for each app...
Michael Haferkamp about 3 years ago in Publishing Service 4 SHIPPED
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Customizable Naming Convention for Intune Applications

Add the ability to have a customised naming convention for applications when they are created in Intune. This would allow for the naming convention across all Intune applications to be standardised when a naming convention is already in place. For...
Guest about 3 years ago in Publishing Service 10 SHIPPED

Sign PMPC Provided pre/post scripts with local WSUS Code Signing Cert

The PMPC provided pre and post scripts are signed by Patch My PC. This code signing cert is not in the trusted publisher certificate store on client devices. The publisher should re-sign the scripts with the existing WSUS Code Signing certificate ...
Cody Mathis about 3 years ago in Publishing Service 0 SHIPPED

Use QuietUninstallString to uninstall certain apps

Patch My PC will use the UninstallString in the registry for the uninstallation of applications by default, this can cause issues is the uninstall string specifies a "modify" parameter. Patch My PC should default to the "QuietUninstallString" if i...
Andrew Jimenez about 3 years ago in Publishing Service 0 SHIPPED

Intune Updates: remove "featured app" flag

Hello, Currently all software published with PMP to intune flagged as “feature app” Is there way to not doing that? I remove this flag from all software manually in Intune console. But after PMP upgrade software package this is back. Maybe when yo...
Andrew about 3 years ago in Publishing Service 6 SHIPPED

Feature Request for CVE Import automation

We are requesting that a feature be added that would allow us to import a list of CVE’s and have the correlating patches for those CVE’s download and deploy automatically. Our use-case is that our security team determine which CVE’s are “Critical”...
Guest about 3 years ago in Publishing Service 5 SHIPPED

Intune Updates Should Use Description of the Specific Update not Generic Application Description

Use this description for Intune updates like it shows in SCCM updates: Instead of generic application description used in the Intune updates today:
Justin Chalfant about 3 years ago in Publishing Service 0 SHIPPED

Increase to amount of days that an inplace upgrade takes place for new versions of applications

Currently the maximum of 14 days is less than our production release of patches. We need this increase to be able to match our production patching deadline. For us at least 30 is needed.
Kevin Zachry about 3 years ago in Publishing Service 1 SHIPPED