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Patch My PC Feature and Application Request

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Custom Apps

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Custom Apps | Allow custom installation/uninstallation/detection methods

A lot of the apps I've manually packaged for our environment are basically just PowerShell scripts for moving RDP sessions or shortcuts, or mapping SharePoint sites etc. Naturally, the standard (and excellent) installation, detection and uninstall...
Guest 4 months ago in Custom Apps 1 SUBMITTED

Add More Regions

I attended the demo webinar last week for Custom Apps. Currently Only EU and US regions are supported for Custom apps. For compliance reasons I am only permitted to interact with my own Country's regions. Currently I am hosted in UK West. Therefor...
Geoff King 4 months ago in Custom Apps 1 SUBMITTED

Custom Detection method scripts

Add custom detection scripts for custom apps to support applications that dont add to apps and features
Tim Fry 4 months ago in Custom Apps 0 SUBMITTED

Add Permission Level in Custom Apps portal to Apps / Folders

It would be great if we could have permissions on single Custom APPs or Folders within the Portel to give some Users Access to just those Applications. Why? That would mean f.e. our selection tools, the Department could get permission to upload th...
Guest 5 months ago in Custom Apps 0 SUBMITTED

Configure uninstall command line for exe installers

When creating a Custom App from an exe installer, allow an input field to configure the uninstall command line. Also, when creating an app using a MSI installer, I would like to specify a custom uninstall command line. For example, we have a secur...
David Allen 5 months ago in Custom Apps 2 SUBMITTED

Provide a API or PowerShell Module to automate tasks in PMPC Cloud Portal

While incredibly powerful and useful, the Custom App feature is limited since it requires manual interaction in a GUI to create and update applications. This becomes much more burdensome the more custom apps you have. What I would like to see once...
David Allen 5 months ago in Custom Apps 1 SUBMITTED

Add Custom Apps support for WSUS

We use Patch my PC with WSUS. According to the webinar held on Feb 28, 2024, this feature only supports Config Manager and InTune.
Wayne Gjaltema 5 months ago in Custom Apps 1 SUBMITTED

Ability to export App Catalog to .csv or .xlsx

This is a request to provide the ability to export the App Catalog table to a .csv or .xlsx file.
Ellis Barrett 5 months ago in Custom Apps 0 SUBMITTED

Expanded Version Support

The version support for custom apps (xx.xx) might not be suitable for all applications. It does not allow for example 2023a.
Riaan Piketh 5 months ago in Custom Apps 0 SUBMITTED

Umlauts and special characters in description field in new Portal App Catalog

it would be great if you could consider the support/the use of German umlauts (and maybe special characters of other languages e. g. French too) in the description field in the new Portal App Catalog. It always looks a bit weird when we have to re...
Peter Riederer 5 months ago in Custom Apps 0 SUBMITTED