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Add support for Seafile Drive Client for Windows

Seafile is a Dropbox like application to share files. We (the University Hospital and Clinics Leipzig) are using it to store and share files with colleagues and partners. Seafile is also used by many other universites in Germany. Seafile Drive Cli...
Guest over 1 year ago in Application Request 1 PLANNED

RealVNC Server (MSI)

We use the MSI version of RealVNC Server so that we can use an mst file to disable updates, disable analytics and disable printer driver installation. Note: There is a drop down on the download page to select the MSI Installers. This changes the d...
Brady Baker almost 2 years ago in Application Request 2 PLANNED

Support for GoTo Opener

Updates for GoTo Opener would be beneficial. It is part of the LogMeIn tools. You already have support for GoTo Meeting. Making sure our environment is on the latest version helps provide stability and reduce security vulnerabilities. https://supp...
Guest almost 3 years ago in Application Request 6 PLANNED
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Cloud Portal for Intune Application Publishing (Saas)

For Intune only customers, instead of running the publishing tool on a customer owned device, a cloud portal would remove the requirement of keeping a system online just to run the scheduled application updates
Philip Urban almost 3 years ago in Publishing Service 9 PLANNED

SMART Notebook

Any updates for SMART Notebook:
Guest almost 3 years ago in Application Request 4 PLANNED

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio v18 detection

Hi, I see you only support the update of "Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio" only in English. Some of our User have installed the SQL Management Studio in other Languages for example in German. Your update installation fails when a other la...
Guest about 3 years ago in Language Support 3 PLANNED

Base Application automatically create deployment

Hi, would it be possible to automatically create a deployment when a new application is created? We would like to create an available deployment to a user collection that will take care testing it. Thank you!
Pierre Rondeau Manningham over 3 years ago in Publishing Service 19 PLANNED

Check Point VPN Standalone Client

Product: Check Point VPN Standalone Client E81.10 | Vendor: Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.Offline Installer (x64/x86):
Peter Löser over 3 years ago in Application Request 2 PLANNED