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Patch My PC Feature and Application Request

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Patch My PC Roadmap

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Limit access to Intune Apps/Updates until minimum permission prerequisites have been confirmed in options tab

Grey out the ability to enable the check box for "Enable creation of Win32 updates in Microsoft Intune" until the minimum permission requirements have been met for the Azure App registration
Scott McAllister over 2 years ago in Patch My PC Publisher 0 NOTED

New Application - Google Backup & Sync

While much of G Suite / Enterprise use cases are covered by Drive File Stream, there are still legitimate use cases to use the Backup & Sync client in an enterprise environment. Would be great to have this updated by PMP. MSI installers fo...
Matt Barton over 4 years ago in Application Request 2 NOTED

Intune: Remove Apps and Updates from Intune when I choose to remove the app from Publisher

A lot of customers get confused when the apps are kept assigned and available via Intune after the app has been "un-ticked" in the PMPC publisher. Suggestion: Have a global setting: Make publisher the source of authority for all PMPC published app...
Jan Ketil Skanke over 2 years ago in Patch My PC Publisher 4 NOTED

Detect SQL version and install different version of reports

Older versions of SQL do not support the legacy cardinality hint methodology. Microsoft has a reccomendation where any report that times out should use the hint technology, or set the SQL instance to an older compatability mode. All of the queries...
Jordan Benzing over 2 years ago in Reporting (Legacy SSRS) 0 NOTED

Support for pac files in Proxy Settings of the Publisher

Our instance of PatchMyPC is installed on our Site Server which currently has open access to the Internet; this was implemented to support the Publisher downloading content direct from all the various vendors. Our new security policy dictates that...
Steven Walch about 1 year ago in Patch My PC Publisher 5 NOTED

KURZWEIL 3000 Download msiexec.exe /i "Kurzweil 3000 v.16.msi" AUTO=1 EDITION="standalone" AUTOUPDATE=0 /qn https://www.kurzweiledu....
Guest over 4 years ago in Application Request 1 NOTED

Specify alternate certificate for ConfigMgr Application PowerShell detection scripts

At this time, the Publisher will code sign ConfigMgr Application PowerShell detection scripts with the certificate specified in the General tab (for WSUS). It can be ideal to specify an alternative certificate here for customers that do not do thi...
Adam Cook almost 3 years ago in Patch My PC Publisher 1 NOTED

Add search bar to CVE Import Wizard

Adding a search bar into the CVE Import Wizard to allow users to search for individual CVE ID's directly in the publisher instead of saving 1 ID to a CSV file, copying it over, importing it and processing it would be a great addition to making thi...
Scott McAllister over 2 years ago in Patch My PC Publisher 0 NOTED


HeidiSQL is an open-source (GPL) graphical SQL client that supports MariaDB, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite. (Exe setup. Has automatic update, automatic telemetry, file associat...
J S over 3 years ago in Application Request 0 NOTED

Unique Article ID

Having Unique ID’s would help in writing SSRS reports to exclude anything that is Superseded, today you can have two updates with the same ID and one is expired and the other is not making it harder to report on.
Guest about 3 years ago in Patch My PC Publisher 5 NOTED