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Categories Publishing Service
Created by David Inglis
Created on Dec 17, 2020

'Whatif' Sync

It would be useful to know what exactly is going to happen when we manually click the 'Run Publishing Service Sync' button. Across WSUS, Intune Apps and Intune Updates.

Say i want to publish a single app or update, to Intune or WSUS. Currently only method is to tick the relevant app box, set assignments, and then hit the big scary button. No idea what else it is going to publish when it runs, and therefore what the implications might be on many managed devices doing an out-of-band update.

So maybe a 'whatif' sync - do the run so we get the data, but don't actually publish anything, show us a report after so we can make a decision on whether to publish or not. This will inevitably lead onto the desire for more granular publishing capability but I think there are plans or other ideas for that already.

Food for thought. Thanks!

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