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Created by Andrew Cooper
Created on Mar 2, 2021

Add FreeFEM multiphysics finite element software from GitHub

This is a semi-regularly updated app used by Physicists. The main website is and the actual software is hosted on GitHub.

There were 4 updates to this software in 2020, and the software install is consistent across versions (they use InnoSetup). In 2019 there were more updates (around 12 if I counted correctly) but, again, the installer has not changed.

Since it's hosted on GitHub they offer a json feed of the latest versions

For what it's worth I use the following powershell for our evergreen process

$sourceAppInfo = Invoke-WebRequest -UseBasicParsing -Uri  | ConvertFrom-Json

$sourceURI = $sourceAppInfo.assets | Where-Object name -Like "*-64.exe*" | Select-Object -ExpandProperty browser_download_url

$exeVersion = $sourceAppInfo.tag_name


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