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Retain ConfigMgr apps when 'Update Existing...' selected

Right now, when the 'Update existing application's metadata, deployment type, and content files' is selected we will always have one version of a PMPC managed application in the console.

We should add the option the 'retain' applications in this scenario as well. It would allow for up to 10 applications to be retained based on the superseded update IDs in the SDP.

Because we still must leave the existing application due to deployments, and task sequence references we will need to make make a copy of the application and then update the existing application metadata. The result is the 'old' version of the application will be a newly created and unused application, and the 'new' version will be the existing application with updated metadata. The potential workflow is below.

  1. Existing Google Chrome 88 in ConfigMgr console and a new version 89 is now available

  2. Publisher sync

  3. Make a copy of Google Chrome 88, whether through the 'copy' feature that is available as a right click option in the console, or through our own methods

    1. This copy will be a whole new application which is identical to Google Chrome 88, but does not have deployments or task sequence references

  4. Update the original Google Chrome 88 application to now be Google Chrome 89 in the same way we always have for the 'Update existing...' scenario

    1. We need to make sure we have source content for both applications at this point.

  • Cody Mathis
  • Mar 4 2021
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  • Jake Snyder commented
    4 Mar 10:45pm

    This would be incredible. Best of both worlds; apps in my task sequence are always up to date and I'd still keep change management folks happy by retaining previous versions.

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