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Status NO GO :(
Categories Application Request
Created by Sebastian Schaal
Created on Apr 1, 2021

TightVNC Server Only

We would like to install only TightVNC Server on our Clients, since only administrators require Viewer. So far only "Viewer only" is available for install & update. Thank you very much. (ADDLOCAL=Server)

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  • Sebastian Schaal
    May 3, 2021

    Hi Andrew, thank you for your reply. I am bit confused though, since I guess almost every enterprise would have the need for rather "Server only" and "Server + Viewer", since Viewer is, at least in our company, exclusively used for admin/servicing purposes, giving it like a 1000:1 ratio. But I do of course understand not wanting to bloat the catalog.

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    Andrew Jimenez
    Apr 30, 2021

    Our goal when we added the viewer only was to allow the choice without bloating the catalog a ton. We figured having the option between Server+Viewer or just Viewer gives the flexibility required, and that having the viewer installed on the server was not impactful enough to warrant 2 additional products being added to the catalog. Marking as a no-go.

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