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JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA

1. Product: IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition | Vendor: Jet Brains
4. /S /CONFIG="silent.config" /D=C:\Program Files\IntelliJ IDEA

The configuration file to perform silent installation may be downloaded from the official website.

Parameters to uninstall IntelliJ IDEA - "C:\*installation_path*\bin\uninstall.exe" /S

the file silent.config can be different per customer, so this can be a new feature for the publishing service

multiple editions available on

  • Pepijn Vermeersch
  • Jun 26 2019
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  • Patrick De Buijst commented
    2 Mar 09:34am
  • JL Brocx commented
    21 Feb 05:32am

    Confirmed you can do a silent install without using a configuration file using /S switch.

    Please review

  • Michael Ikeda commented
    6 Dec, 2021 12:28pm

    I just confirmed that you can perform a silent install without the configured file using only the "/S"

  • Admin
    Adam Cook commented
    6 Dec, 2021 09:11am

    @Fredrik, thanks for the link, we'll take a look!

    @Michael: our catalogue depends on single file installers due it to being a SCUP catalogue. As per Justin's previous response, we could bundle in extra content (e.g. config files) with our Publishing service, but this will not work with our customers using SCUP or in-console SCCM publishing.

  • Michael Ikeda commented
    3 Dec, 2021 04:00pm

    I don't understand why config files are not supported. They work with SCCM and Intune.

  • Fredrik Winzell commented
    28 Oct, 2021 07:20am

    Please revise - According to the documentation it's now possible with silent install:

  • Admin
    Justin Chalfant commented
    26 Sep, 2019 12:59pm

    It's possible when using our publishing service, but it's not possible for customers using SCUP or SCCM for publishing.

  • Pepijn Vermeersch commented
    26 Sep, 2019 05:46am

    The possibility to add files/folders to the update using the update service will this not work?

  • Admin
    Justin Chalfant commented
    25 Sep, 2019 11:24pm

    Hi All,

    In our testing, it doesn't appear this product support's a silent command line. It seems you may be able to use an INI file, but we can only support products with a silent command line that doesn't require additional configuration files.

  • Elie Barbour commented
    5 Jul, 2019 07:09am
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