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Poly Lens Desktop App (MSI)

Poly Lens has/will be replacing the Plantronics Hub currently available in PMPC. The App allows you to upgrade Headset firmware and change Headset settings, etc.

Poly Lens is available from here (

) and is a MSI Installer.

It would be great to have this available as both a PMPC App and Updates.

  • Matt Page
  • Sep 16 2021
  • NO GO :(
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  • Toms commented
    16 Nov 06:30pm

    Hey Antony,

    Maybe I am wrong, but this MSI has ALLUSERS property is set to 2 by default. If you change it to ALLUSERS=1 it will be installed for all users.

    So maybe reconsider this? :)

  • Admin
    Antony Crudgington commented
    22 Oct 07:37am

    No Go for this app. Installs in users filepath so only 1 user can see app is installed but reg key shows under HKLM, INSTALLDIR or TARGETDIR does not allow the redirection of install into Program Files.

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