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Created by Guest
Created on Nov 5, 2021

deploying older version of cisco anyconnect from the local repo

Hi, this would greatly benefit our institute as we have to get our cisco anyconnect client from one of our local uni's and it was hard enough just getting the version i was able to get off them as it took a few months.

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  • Mike Murray
    Mar 28, 2023

    We are facing the same issue - Security wants to deploy the client using SCCM, but doesn't want to use the latest version. They provide the .msi files but the publisher is only looking for the most recent.

  • Craig McPhail
    Dec 9, 2021

    We are facing the same problem and it would be really useful to be able to publish earlier versions, for example the current latest release of Cisco anyconnect has a bug and therefore we would like to publish the earlier released version.

  • Claudio Mendes
    Nov 18, 2021


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