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Allow Customized email notifications on patch acquistion

I really like the email you all send out with the publishing service after new software is acquired however... i woke up this morning thinking wow they could do so much more with that piece that would help me (and i assume others) -- anyway here it goes ...btw -  I'm not sure how to implement, but i know what i want :)

Within the publishing service,

We have some products set to meta-data only and some to full.... meta-data only doesn't mean anything to anyone but my team. 
I'd like to have one email for full details (meta + full) and one email that acts as an announcement (e.g. these patches will be available shortly)... just listing the full updates we are actually able to turn on.

Since we are using this cool catalog to automate all this patching... i don't want communication to slow down the process... this would really help with that
(Especially if we could either pick the attributes from the update we want in the email OR even provide HTML... where we define something like a repeater template(or some type of substitution) in it to display stuff we want from the updates in the email).

I know the use case depends on the environment but today that use case is you can send to these addresses... that won't change but would give options for other uses.

Expanding on my idea .... Maybe you can change from a single email address to allowing folks to setup email profiles.
Profile 1 -- Email SCCM Team -- SCCM@domain & Security@domain -- Subject: New PatchMyPC Updates Available --  All Details  -- Use Default Email include Product and Version --- Deliver immediately

Profile 2 -- Email Compliance Team  -- Complaince@domain -- Subject= New Software Rules needed -- All Details -- using Email template C:\Team.html --- Deliver immediately

Profile 3 -- Email Users  -- ALLEmployees@domain -- Subject= New Updates Available -- Full only -- using Email template C:\Employee.html --- Deliver in + 6 hours from acquisition (to match when SCCM ADR will run and actually assign)

Profile 1 would notify the team of new software using your built-in email (since we don't need anything special)
Profile 2 would notify my compliance team that we need new rules created for our internal page that reflects machine compliance (need software patched or up to date) ahead of SCCM actually releasing the updates. Using a custom template
Profile 3 would notify all my users when the updates are actually available. using a custom email template with corporate branding etc...

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  • Jun 26 2019
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  • Nic W commented
    3 Jul, 2019 08:19pm

    Adding to Profile 3, have it exclude any items that had errors. Users don't need to see that, only what succeeded and is coming their way.

  • Bruce Sa commented
    27 Jun, 2019 03:14am

    I actually like the idea too. The email right now is perfect for me admin, but it's a little too much for my higher ups to read, too much info for them.

  • Admin
    Justin Chalfant commented
    26 Jun, 2019 02:10pm

    NOTED: Thanks for the idea! We will keep this in the review queue. I want to see how many other customers would find this helpful before we commit to looking into the engineering cost involved in this feature request.

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