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Created by Joerg
Created on Jul 15, 2019

Configurable alternate name for each package/application for SCCM base installations

Ability to configure/save an alternate SCCM name (alias) for each product that is used when creating Base installation packages/applications in SCCM for the most current version.

Background: We use a special naming convention for applications and packages that are the base for certain scripts/procedures. For example, during OS Deploment we use dynamic variable lists to install packages and applications. To avoid having to adapt these variables in the task sequences to new program versions again and again, we use the following naming convention for the most current applications: "Vendor.Product name" (e.g. "Google.Earth-Pro" or "Mozilla.Firefox-ESR"). Older versions of applications get the version number in the name after their replacement for differentiation (e.g. "Google.Earth-Pro. v07-03-02-05776" or "Mozilla.Firefox_ESR. v60-7-0"). This ensures that the most current version is always installed during the task sequence by the reference of the TS variable to the general name, without us having to edit the task sequence additionally.

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  • kristen kristen
    Aug 20, 2020


  • Admin
    Justin Chalfant
    Oct 23, 2019

    This feature is now available in preview build This should ship to production later this week or early next. If there are other properties you want to customize let's make a new idea for those.

  • Joerg
    Jul 19, 2019

    The option to create applications/packages without version number already helps a lot.
    I also support the idea to block own metadata fields for further synchronization in this context.

  • Dan Dirksen
    Jul 18, 2019

    There currently is an option (checkbox) to not include the version in the object name, if you pair that with update the object instead of create a new object.  Doesn't have the custom naming structure you use but it also wouldn't change either.

    I did put up another idea to be able to select which meta data fields should/should not be updated/overwritten if using the update object option.  This would be able to allow any sort of customization needed, from description to icons, catalog name etc.