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Allow Applications to be Created in Custom Folder in SCCM Console During Initial Creation

We are creating this due to multiple offline requests from customers. Please vote this feature up if you want to see it added.

We are hearing customers would like to automatically place any newly created applications in a custom subfolder in the SCCM console by default such as Applications > Patch My PC.

  • Justin Chalfant
  • Jul 15 2019
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  • David Rickard commented
    16 Jul 20:57

    I'd say in the first instance, allowing all Packages/Apps to be placed into a folder would be a great improvement. It'd make things neater.

    Longer term, it'd be nice to be able to use metadata on the applications (that needs to exist, of course...) to organise things say $Vendor\$ApplicationTitle or $Category\$ApplicationTitle. But that kind of customisation needs data to enable it.

  • Alpharius Omegon commented
    17 Jul 14:29

    Id take this a step further and ask if its possible to create/direct, on a per app basis, the full path. For instance, my structure is usually:

    Vendor\Product\Version\Bit (If required)

    Many of us have a pre-existing library of applications and it would be awesome to be able to reuse what we currently have. Not sure what is possible to pull from the current data and add as variables for a path. E.g. throwing in "Google\%Product%\%Version%\%Bit%"

  • Dan Dirksen commented
    18 Jul 13:52

    We would use this... +1, not critical but a nice to have...

  • Ben Meis commented
    02 Aug 18:33

    Also, being able to one or more security scopes would be good.

  • Ryan S commented
    12 Aug 17:49

    Not sure if this applies to the console location, or source content location- but I'd love to see an option to specify both.  Perhaps via right clicking -> Set Content Location and -> Set Console Location

  • J S commented
    23 Aug 05:37

    I feel this would only be truly useful if Security Scopes were done at the same time.

    I also agree with Alpharius Omegon in regards to having using Format Strings were possible for customisation.

  • Admin
    Justin Chalfant commented
    23 Aug 13:35

    @J S, FYI folders do support security scopes as of build 1906 :).

  • Admin
    Justin Chalfant commented
    18 Sep 22:01

    This shipped in today's preview ( We will probably release to the latest public build ( next week.