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Pulse Secure

  • Claudio Mendes
  • Jul 24 2019
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  • Derryn Marchetti commented
    23 Jun, 2021 08:09pm

    Thanks for this product. It has recently been updated to 9.1.11R5 (9.1.9451). Is it possible to get this configured for local content repository?

  • Admin
    Adam Cook commented
    23 Mar, 2021 09:53am

    After some discussions internally, in hindsight we should have added this product to our catalogue as an app that requires a manual download to the local content repository.

    Read more about that here: Local Content Repository for Licensed Applications that Require Manual Download

    We initially depended on the trial URL for downloading the installer for you, however it seems Pulse are slow at updating this. Comparing their change log today, it's roughly 6 weeks slow. It seems paid customers can get the latest installers from their portal.

    How to Download Pulse Secure Software

  • Admin
    Adam Cook commented
    23 Mar, 2021 08:47am

    @Derryn Marchetti, thanks for sharing. I've passed this on internally. Unfortunately the trial download link on Pulse's website is still just giving us 9.1 r9. The update for 9.1 r11 should be in the next catalogue release.

    In future feel free to email us directly Notifications of comments in shipped features are easier to miss.

  • Derryn Marchetti commented
    18 Mar, 2021 09:09pm

    Can I upload the 9.1.11 (9.1.6725) for you? Has some important split tunneling and DNS response updates we needed.

  • Admin
    Adam Cook commented
    16 Mar, 2021 09:01am

    Thanks to all those that replied with copies of the installer! Now I have several versions I can test with. I really appreciate the responsiveness. I'll test this out today.

  • Claudio Mendes commented
    16 Mar, 2021 06:58am

    i uploaded ours some months ago already ;)

  • Wayne Lewis commented
    15 Mar, 2021 06:44pm


    I uploaded to your site. Hope
    that helps!


  • Brady Baker commented
    15 Mar, 2021 05:00pm

    Uploaded an older version and also included our preconfig file. Not sure if many people use a preconfig or not... We use it to already have connections configured and a couple other options. Would be nice to have it as an mst like option. Not critical as I guess we could just edit the command line.

  • Stuart Riddock commented
    15 Mar, 2021 04:52pm

    @Adam I have uploaded the ones we have kicking around for you

  • Jim Webb commented
    15 Mar, 2021 04:47pm

    I uploaded

  • Stuart Riddock commented
    15 Mar, 2021 04:46pm

    We have several version going back to 9.0r3.2 - can upload for you to work with

  • Admin
    Adam Cook commented
    15 Mar, 2021 04:38pm

    This is done however I need to test how smoothly it updates. I can either wait for a new version to be released, or if someone reach out to me with a copy of an old installer that would be great. Please use this process to share files with us:

    I need something older than ps-pulse-win-9.1r9.0-b4983-64bitinstaller.msi.

  • Stuart Riddock commented
    5 Feb, 2021 11:14am

    Any thoughts on this one - it's becoming a bugbear of our security team with the regular updates an automated updater would be a great help

  • Claudio Mendes commented
    18 Dec, 2020 08:20am


  • Claudio Mendes commented
    13 Sep, 2020 07:10am
  • Admin
    Justin Chalfant commented
    13 Sep, 2020 03:51am

    Is there a public URL download for this installer?

  • Claudio Mendes commented
    8 Sep, 2020 08:51am

    please find the latest installers attached (you can also get them through
    im using:

    msiexec /i %~dp0ps-pulse-win-5.3r7.1-b1993-64bitinstaller.msi CONFIGFILE="%~dp0VPN_User_Config.pulsepreconfig" /qn /l*v ps-pulse-win-5.3r7.1-b1993-64bitinstaller.log

  • Tim Mills commented
    25 Jun, 2020 01:39pm

    I would love to see this application added. This client does suffer from some very serious vulnerabilities, and keeping this up to date (and removing old versions) would be excellent.

    ** most recent issue**

    Pulse Secure PSIRT has published a new security advisory. Please see the following link for more information about this advisory.

    SA44503 - 2020-06: Out-of-Cycle Advisory: Pulse Secure Client TOCTOU Privilege Escalation Vulnerability (CVE-2020-13162)


  • Claudio Mendes commented
    31 Mar, 2020 09:28am

    please the pulse secure vpn client would really be a nice addition

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