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Created by Paul Andrews
Created on May 18, 2023

Add Support for Single Sign-on

While its great to be able to connect to Active Directory or even Azure Active Directory you still need to enter your username and password. Would be great if you could extend Single Sign-on so you don't have re-enter credentials to the site.

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  • Paul Andrews
    Jun 19, 2023

    @John, sorry for the delayed response. Not sure if its a bug, but every time I log out of my desktop I have to re-authenticate to AI. I would be nice if AI would integrate with SSO so you don't have to enter credentials at all, but rather they pull from your SSO token.

  • John Quirk
    May 18, 2023

    Thanks for raising this but this should already be working for you. What you should find is that your session lasts a month, unless you sign out or are signed out by an admin. Can you please check that once you've authenticated you definitely have to re-authenticate each session and let us know as you may have hit a bug if that's the case.

    Thanks again!


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