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Created by Andreas Landry
Created on Aug 17, 2023

Update rings for app updates in Intune

I'm missing the ability to assign app updates with update rings like in WUfB. The use case is

  • assign apps to a pilot group first

  • after a certain amount of time, assign the app to a broader ring group (automatically with an adjustable time frame, maybe depending on CVE or risk score?)

  • publish the app update to all (automatically with an adjustable time frame)

  • the ability to pause a ring, if problems with an app update come up

In short, handle the app updates just like WUfB. Many companies have governance issues not having the ability to test first and release afterwards. That's why I think, this use case is not only beneficial but mandatory, isn't it?

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  • Ross Miller
    Oct 19, 2023

    This is a requirement from my management. They won't let me go completely with Intune updates until we can have a test ring for updates. Thankfully, we're in a hybrid environment at the moment, but we are trying to move completely to Intune. Having update rings for 3rd party updates would remove the last obstacle keeping us from going to a full Intune environment.

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