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Add Zotero

Free open-source reference management software heavily utilized in academia

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  • Sep 3 2019
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  • Admin
    Adam Cook commented
    21 Mar 02:35pm

    Thanks, I'll revert 'incompatible' status so it becomes visible in the queue again to investigate.

  • C B commented
    21 Mar 01:27pm

    It appears that Zotero fixed their versioning!

  • Thomas Turner commented
    17 Feb 06:07pm

    The installed version is extractable from this config file:


    Alternatively, for this and other such software that does not use proper Windows binary versioning, using a SHA256 hash on the primary (or most recently updated) .exe or .dll should always work.

    This is what I have to do for many specialized software packages used in higher education, as proper binary versioning for Windows software is appearing to be a lost skill. (Another example would be QGIS.)

  • Admin
    Justin Chalfant commented
    11 Jan, 2020 07:07pm

    The binary for the application doesn't provide a valid file version we can use to perform detection's. See below for example this is for the version 5.0.83, but you can see they don't update the binaries properly.

  • Guest commented
    6 Sep, 2019 06:01pm

    Zotero is already available on version

  • David Pearson commented
    6 Sep, 2019 03:42pm

    ZoteroInstaller.exe /silent


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