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Enable custom right-click options for MSP updates

It would be great if there were feature parity for custom right-click actions across all update types. In particular we've noticed MSP's right-click options are largely greyed out (attached). We've run into the odd occasion where this would have been especially useful as the update causes a reboot if the application is in use. In that example we'd simply enable "Skip installation when the application is in use" option, or otherwise use a Pre-Update script to check ourselves.



  • Steven Walch
  • Feb 7 2020
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  • Henko TerBlanche commented
    6 Jul 09:23pm

    +3 for this. Would allow updating Acrobat Reader even where the "MSI Source" is missing. Could easily be solved by adding the MSI to the PMPC payload (.CAB) file, and then pre-running these 3 lines of PowerShell:
    $RegKey = "68AB67CA7DA73301B744CAF070E41400"

    $RegPath = "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Classes\Installer\Products\$RegKey\SourceList\Net"

    New-ItemProperty -Path $RegPath -Name 2 -Value "$PSScriptRoot\" -PropertyType ExpandString -Force

  • Rob Gura commented
    16 May 06:16pm

    +1 for the pre/post scripts for Acrobat - we have a bunch of cleanup for Acrobat printers that needs to be run after patching.

  • Doug Galent commented
    14 Apr 04:58pm

    +1 for the pre/post scripts. We customize the Adobe Reader DC install, and it would be handy to include our scripts.

  • Justin Holloman commented
    13 Apr 08:11pm

    In particular, pre/post scripts!

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