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Patch notifications to Slack via Webhook

It looks like you can already do patch updates to Teams via Webhooks. A lot of organizations that don't use Teams do use Slack, which should support a similar functionality. I know we'd greatly prefer this to getting yet another email in Outlook!

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  • Mar 26 2020
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  • Admin
    Justin Chalfant commented
    10 Jun 12:56pm

    Hey Tobias,

    Can you please submit this as a new idea rather than a comment for Slack so it can be better tracked.

  • Tobias Ketz commented
    9 Jun 12:54pm

    alternative you add mattermost to the list. its not really different from slack integration:

    Slack Compatibility

    Mattermost makes it easy to migrate integrations written for Slack to Mattermost.

    Translate Slack’s data format to Mattermost

    Mattermost automatically translates the data coming from Slack:

    1. JSON responses written for Slack, that contain the following, are translated to Mattermost markdown and rendered equivalently to Slack:

      • <> to denote a URL link, such as {"text": "<>"}

      • | within a <> to define linked text, such as {"text": "Click <|here> for a link."}

      • <userid> to trigger a mention to a user, such as {"text": "<5fb5f7iw8tfrfcwssd1xmx3j7y> this is a notification."}

      • <!channel>, <!here> or <!all> to trigger a mention to a channel, such as {"text": "<!channel> this is a notification."}

    2. The HTTP POST request body sent to a web service is formatted the same as Slack’s. This means your Slack integration’s receiving function does not need change to be compatible with Mattermost.

    3. Slack attachments are supported with Slack-compatible outgoing webhooks. They also add support for mentions with <@userid> and announcement tokens (eg. <!here>) in the outgoing webhook responses.

  • Tobias Ketz commented
    9 Jun 12:53pm

    Hi again,

    teams and Slack is wonderfull, but for organisations without public Cloud access there are other tools like mattermost which can work with webhooks. Most of them use json Files to customize the properties as described here:

    It would be perfect, if we can choose "custom json" instead of "Teams" or "slack" and upload our own json file to send to the given webhook url.

  • Admin
    Justin Chalfant commented
    14 Apr 07:29pm

    Hey all, we are going to start looking at this feature this month.

  • Tobias Ketz commented
    17 Mar 10:07am

    Also there are other tools without Cloud (Mattermost). Please do not implement specific Tool Notifications. Better give a possibility to enter json code to send via webhook url.

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