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Patch My PC Feature and Application Request

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Created by David Svilans
Created on Jul 12, 2020

Add options to 'Untag All' & 'Retag Apps to Install' to the Apps list to manage the list checkboxes.

Implementation complexity: Very simple.

Implementation duration: Very quick.

Priority: Medium

Why is this needed?

With slow downloads, I do not always have time to download all of the new updates immediately, but I do want to update specific updates that I am aware of.
Eg: I may want to update 1 or 2 updates out of 20 available updates.

In this case, I am required to manually locate & untag each of the 20 apps before starting or use the Workaround shown below which is wasteful.

Who would benefit?

This would benefit those who have a slow download connection or anyone with reasons not to download or install, (after using Download Only Mode) all updates immediately.

How should it work?

Ideally, the pop-up menu for the Apps list could contain 2 new options:

  1. Untag All (or Uncheck All or Clear All Checkboxes)
    - Action: uncheck every checkbox in the list.

  2. Retag All / or Retag Apps to Install
    - Action: check the checkboxes of each outdated app in the list.


I realise there is an option to "Disable Auto Updating of All Apps", but that requires a restart with Admin permission granting to use, then the next time you use PatchMyPC it again requires you to re-enable "Enable Auto Updating of All Apps" with Admin permission granting to use it normally.

I require this feature very frequently, so this entire process becomes quite time consuming.

Thanks for the great software.

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