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Patch My PC Feature and Application Request

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View installed application that Patch My PC doesn´t support.

It would be good to find apps that is not Supported by Patch My PC. Publishing tool finds apps that is not installed by Intune. Where users have installed them. And that is great. The idea:Add a column In the view "Scan Intune for supported Produc...
Thomas Åhlstedt 7 months ago in Reporting 0 SUBMITTED

Power BI Reports Automation

can you enable a way to have the published Power BI reports auto update to the PatchMyPC server over exporting the data once a month?
Guest over 2 years ago in Reporting 5 SUBMITTED

Add modern authentication as a method for email alerts

Currently PMPC uses legacy authentication to authorize the sender account for email alerts. Allowing Modern Authentication would allow those whose clients specifically want to block legacy authentication to achieve the same level of support.
Damien Cresswell 5 months ago in Reporting 1 SUBMITTED

Report to provide local group membership

Collect and report on local security group memberships in a format that can be provided to the security team
Justin Darnell 3 months ago in Reporting 0 SUBMITTED

Dashboard to track number of installations accomplished by Patch My PC

Management would like to be able to track the number of installations (updates, configmgr apps, and Intune updates and apps) that were realized using one of Patch My PC's generated item. This would be useful to demonstrate that (1) Patch My PC can...
Alexandre P. 4 months ago in Reporting 2 SUBMITTED

Patch Notifications with configurable JSON or Mattermost

Hi, teams and Slack Webhook Integration is wonderfull, but for organisations without public Cloud access there are other tools like mattermost which can work with webhooks. Most of them use json Files to customize the properties as described here:...
Tobias Ketz over 2 years ago in Reporting 1 SUBMITTED

Report for CVE compliance

We would like to report compliance by CVE. I see we can search for all updates by CVE, but not report on compliance/machines vulnerable.
matthew hendel about 3 years ago in Reporting 1 SUBMITTED

Add the ability to view software license agreements

It would be useful to include the ability to view software license agreements/terms for a product. This could be done by adding it to publishing service console window when an application or update is right clicked to show more options.
Callum Doherty 2 months ago in Reporting 0 SUBMITTED

Be able schedule the export of the latest assignment statics to a .CSV file

Automate the export of the latest assignment statics to a .CSV file so the PowerBI 3rd party software update compliance for Intune device report would refresh with latest update compliance data.
Guest 11 months ago in Reporting 0 SUBMITTED

Add failed download URLs to the Publishing Service Reports

Whenever I receive the Publishing Service Reports there are often multiple failed downloads, as we block some domains on our servers for security reasons (GitHub, etc.). To save time when downloading them manually, it would be nice to include the ...
Robert Graham over 1 year ago in Reporting 1 SUBMITTED