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Patch My PC Feature and Application Request

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PSAppDeployToolkit (PSADT)

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Webhook Alerts

We currently have a custom webhook that we built to send alerts to a Teams channel when an application fails to install. This allows our service desk to search for failed installs and reach out to the user. Would be nice to see this functionality ...
Paul Andrews 22 days ago in PSAppDeployToolkit (PSADT) 0 SUBMITTED

Prompt user for input during installation

Hello PSADT Team, first of all, a big thank you for your great work.I use the PSADT for almost every application and I love it!!! I miss a function to get information from the users. I was thinking of a function similar to "Show-InstallationPrompt...
Stefan 3 months ago in PSAppDeployToolkit (PSADT) 1 SUBMITTED

Option to define $app* variables based on EXE/MSI properties

Allow the ability to set the $appVendor, $appName, $appVersion, $installtitle, $installname, and log file naming variables based on properties of the EXE or MSI installers. I can get the information from the files themselves, but must do so prior ...
Joe Hegyi 6 months ago in PSAppDeployToolkit (PSADT) 1 SUBMITTED

Resume execution after reboot

Certain packages may require a reboot during installation, and it would be great to have a way to resume these, as discussed in the 6 Dec 2023 webinar. The package should continue running in the system context. This would make the packaging proces...
Guest 6 months ago in PSAppDeployToolkit (PSADT) 3 SUBMITTED

FileCosting in Execute-MSI

It would be nice do dynamically check disk space prior to executing MSI installations by using Standard MSI Actions (FileCosting). Attached is a sample script. This would avoid that the installation aborts with return code 1603 and such errors cou...
Guest 6 months ago in PSAppDeployToolkit (PSADT) 0 SUBMITTED

Code-Sign PowerShell Scripts, DLL and EXE Files in PSAppDeployToolkit (PSADT)

This week at MMS Miami, we had multiple people ask if we could code-sign PowerShell, DLL, and EXE files used in the PSADT. The primary reason this is important is for an easy way to approve the files to run when using Microsoft AppLocker and produ...
Justin Chalfant 8 months ago in PSAppDeployToolkit (PSADT) 0 SUBMITTED