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Patch My PC Feature and Application Request

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Create Update Categories

It could be nice to have updates and applications categorized - so it would be possible to subscribe to security only, or all updates Its not always you want to create new updates/applications - but most often security updates are very important t...
Guest over 1 year ago in Publishing Service 0 SUBMITTED

Define default availability/restart grace periods

Some companies always use the same Availability/Restart grace period settings for all apps. It would be cool if we could define some 'default' settings that apply to all applications by default, but can be changed on an application level.
Thijs Lecomte over 2 years ago in Publishing Service 2 SUBMITTED

Force app startup after installation/update

Some programs does not start automatically after update/installation, looking at you Cisco 😠. Currently this can only be achieved with a combination of post-installation scripts and scheduled tasks. This being quite a hassle to develop for each ap...
Tue Zilba almost 2 years ago in Publishing Service 4 SUBMITTED

Detection method by DisplayVersion and InstallLocation

Some applications change property in the registry durning installation, based on the culture settings (DisplayName, PSChildName) and the detection method script fails. I suggest adding a switch to the detection method script, that will only check ...
Sebastian Pawlowski about 2 years ago in Publishing Service 0 SUBMITTED

End of Life or Compability report if product is used.

is it possible to include into the daily report like new updates, and new versions when a software that i am using, is end of life, or has a compability issue so its no longer maintained. I usually dont have time to read all the newsletters and ca...
Thomas 2 months ago in Publishing Service 0 SUBMITTED

Acrobat Reader detection should check both x86 and x64

Adobe is switching Reader to 64-bit. Reader 32-bit should consider itself installed if 64-bit is already installed. We shouldn't need to rely on CM collection queries.
Russell Johnson 2 months ago in Publishing Service 0 SUBMITTED

Support ARM architecture

A number of applications in the Patch My PC catalog offer ARM architecture support and this seems to be gaining popularity. A couple examples I've noticed thus far are Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client, Sysmon just released ARM support this ...
Shane Conner 5 months ago in Publishing Service 0 SUBMITTED

Inventory Scanner - show which apps are not managed by PMPC

Even though PMPC will not manage all apps in existence, it would be nice to flag the apps which aren't supported by PMPC.Maybe add another column in the inventory scanner with shows with YES/NO if it's supported or not.
Guest 5 months ago in Publishing Service 0 SUBMITTED

Patch-My-Pc as Code

It would involve the ability to manage what versions and software we push to Intune via a git repository (config files or maybe a terraform provider for patch-my-pc). Patch-my-pc can read the files after a PR is approved and process the deployment...
Diego Boff almost 2 years ago in Publishing Service 2 SUBMITTED

Add column to Publisher with icons showing active right click options

Currently the only way to see which updates and apps have right click options enabled is by right clicking on the individual products. With a large list of products, it's impossible to remember what modifications have been made to which products. ...
Boris Kagan almost 2 years ago in Publishing Service 0 SUBMITTED