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Patch My PC Feature and Application Request

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Application Request

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PowerShell LTS - 7.4 track

Hi team, At the moment, there's PowerShell 7.2 LTS and PowerShell Core in my catalogue, which at time of writing for the latter is 7.4.2. I can see 7.5 is released in preview, so assume at some point 7.5 will be released under 'PowerShell Co...
Lee Ramsay 15 days ago in Application Request 0 SUBMITTED

Stardock Start11 & Start11v2

Start11v2 can be enterprise managed and is used by enterprises.
Gérald Döserich 12 days ago in Application Request 0 SUBMITTED


please add to pmpc. it was already added to scapman
Claudio Mendes 4 days ago in Application Request 0 SUBMITTED

Support for kubectl

Add kubectl to patch my PC
Alexandre Laframboise 3 months ago in Application Request 2 SUBMITTED

DigiCert Desktop Client

Description: To allow for the required key pair generation on your machine to generate and install your certificate you must first install the DigiCert Desktop Client. I have currently added this as a custom app in the PatchMyPC portal. This appli...
altu 18 days ago in Application Request 0 SUBMITTED

Can you add AutoDesk DWG TrueView

We use this for viewing the DWG files and it's painful to install as it's downloaded and installed via a stub and when you run the stub you have to give admin rights so it downloads to the wrong user profile.
Guest 8 months ago in Application Request 1 SUBMITTED

Provide "Latest" for SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

As per
Guest 19 days ago in Application Request 0 SUBMITTED

RingCentral for Teams Desktop Plugin

We have this deployed throughout our environment, but no way to have it update automatically since it is listed as non-auto update on the page. We have to manually create it.
Guest 5 days ago in Application Request 0 SUBMITTED
102 VOTE

Acrobat Pro installer (unified) version

This version of Adobe Acrobat Pro can work as both reader mode or pro. Once a user with a pro license signings into this app it converts to pro. Alternatively, we can add a postscript to modify the registry to make it reader mode by default.
Guest about 1 year ago in Application Request 2 SUBMITTED
289 VOTE

Add Office 365 Apps

Office 365 Apps for Business and Enterprise are one of the most common failures for Windows Autopilot deployment failures that are reported. Differences in the CDN’s have shown that packaging the app as a Win32 app provides a more consistent exper...
Guest over 3 years ago in Application Request 31 SUBMITTED