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Support for updating Intune App Assignments

Right now, the support for updating Intune app assignments within the publishing service is extremely limited.

When you want to update an existing assignment (for example change a group from required to available) this sync'ed to Intune.

This is extremely confusing for customers are some tasks can be done within the service, others within the Intune portal

  • Thijs Lecomte
  • Mar 18 2021
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  • Admin
    Cody Mathis commented
    10 Jun, 2021 02:39pm

    This feature is now available in

    Please let us know if it improves the Intune App Assignment experience! It is a checkbox on the Manage Assignments Wizard.

  • Admin
    Cody Mathis commented
    10 May, 2021 04:13pm

    Ok, seems fair :)

    This is what I was thinking of doing, so I am glad that seems like an acceptable solution.

  • Thijs Lecomte commented
    10 May, 2021 04:09pm

    I agree with Alec here. Some customers manage assignments through PatchMyPC, some through MEM. It should be an option within the console to flip

  • Alec Dombrowski commented
    10 May, 2021 03:51pm

    I think it would be nice to have a "switch" in Patch my PC for each app that allows Patch my PC to "override manual Intune settings." That way the tech could have some control over what Patch my PC has authority to do.

  • Admin
    Cody Mathis commented
    10 May, 2021 03:17pm


    I am working on this I have some questions around expectations of the feature. The main problem / question is:

    Is it acceptable to update / delete / change assignments that the customer may have created in Intune themselves? For example, if they have adjusted the notification settings, or edited the assignment in Intune directly, is it ok to expect the Publisher to retroactively change these?

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