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Created by Adam Cook
Created on Apr 8, 2021

Support detecting software that translates DisplayName

Some products localise depending on the OS's locale, and sometimes this means they localise the value in the DisplayName registry value within the Uninstall key.

This is supportable for WSUS applicability rules but it would be ideal if the ConfigMgr Apps detection script and Intune detection scripts could accommodate for this too.

For example, "Remote Desktop" is the English DisplayName value for the product Remote Desktop Client for Windows Desktop. For German system's the DisplayName is "Remotedesktop", for French systems it's "Bureau à distance".

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  • Joel E.G.
    Nov 8, 2023

    The Patch detection is based on the executable of this application, but it fails when detecting the product by ConfigMgr Apps, because it detects by its DisplayName as: "Remote*Desktop". So, because there's no condition on the detection method to allow a dynamic search, the software fails on French names like "Bureau à distance". But also fails, because it checks the MSI GUID, which in a French OS is different, despite it's the same MSI that installs the product, and it may be different for each language.

    Even if the Installation may succeed adjusting the Detection Method, the Uninstall could fail, because of the GUID that is announced is the English one, and the Uninstall process may not be calling the MSI itself as (msiexec /x package.msi) in order to let the MSI native mechanics to deal with the uninstall process despite the MSI GUID.

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