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Antidote (Druide)

Antidote is a very commun application used in most of the schools in Quebec, Canada. A lot of enterprises use it too. Its a powerfull French and English auto-corrector. Most of our clients asks if this product is available with Patch My PC. In some case, Its a decisive element to go or not with Patch my PC.

  • Nicolas St-Hilaire
  • Feb 18 2022
  • NO GO :(
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  • Nicolas St-Hilaire commented
    30 May 11:57am

    Hi Adam,

    Ok thank you for your time and your answer! Realy appreciated.

    Have a nice week!

    Nicolas St-Hilaire
    Consultant, technologies de l���information
    T 514 879 0455,27

  • Admin
    Adam Cook commented
    29 May 06:19am

    From reading this document it seems several MSIs live within the EXE provider by the vendor. Their script in the same link also covers removal of previous major versions, and also installing all of the MSIs in a particular order. This is generally behaviour you would expect from a single installer, itself.

    Note: the vendor seems to require customers to create transformation files as well.

    At this time we require single file installers that must provide controls for silent installation and reboot behaviour. The Patch My PC Publisher does not yet have the capability to perform so much pre-processing server and client side.

  • Sebastien Crepeault commented
    6 Apr 06:34pm

    We would surely like it too!

  • Steven Bart commented
    29 Mar 05:50am

    Great for our high school too ;-)

  • Sébastien ROBERT commented
    2 Mar 04:24pm

    Will be great to have this too for our company :)

  • Claudio Mendes commented
    22 Feb 08:36am


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