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Patch My PC Feature and Application Request

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Created by Aleksander Wroński
Created on Jun 1, 2022

Filter by EOS Version

I am missing an option to search for EOS programs and replace them with newer versions.

Example Python: Many versions are used in the company, but those that are EOS should be replaced by the latest ones. Unfortunately it is not possible to specify such a group of programs.

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  • Admin
    Adam Cook
    Jun 1, 2022

    We generally only keep software in our catalogue that is in support. You won't generally see software in the Publisher if it's not in support.

    We document here how we handle end of life software:

  • Aleksander Wroński
    Jun 1, 2022

    End of Support = EOS example

  • Admin
    Adam Cook
    Jun 1, 2022

    In this context, what does "EOS" mean?