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Patch My PC Feature and Application Request

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Update and App package for Navisworks Coordination Issues Add-In

Navisworks Coordination Issues Add-In is a free add-in that is used for connecting BIM managers and trade partners to project team contributors in the Autodesk Construction Cloud.
Eric South about 18 hours ago in Application Request 0 SUBMITTED

Additional Files for Patch My PC Cloud

Many apps require additional files to support customized installations. These could be in the form of .ini, .xml, .json and even MSIs/Executables. Adding this request so we can track feature parity with this feature that exists in Patch My PC Publ...
Ben Whitmore 3 days ago in Patch My PC Cloud 1 SUBMITTED

Scappman Barracuda Network Access Client

VPN Client for Client-2-Site VPN using Barracuda Firewalls. You already have the package in PMP.
Guest 4 days ago in Application Request 0 SUBMITTED

Add a icon/button directly in Intune Apps for Cloud to create a new idea here

Just like the title says, add a icon/button directly in Intune Apps for Cloud to create a new idea here in this portal.
Hugo Marinho 3 days ago in Patch My PC Cloud 0 SUBMITTED

Skip installation X times when conflicting process are running and then start to notify the user to close the application

We don’t want our users to spam them with too many toasts/notifications when we want to patch and the application is in use. Could this idea be implemented? If the upgrade process begins and encounters a conflicting process, it will automatically ...
Eric van Voorthuizen 10 days ago in Custom Apps 0 SUBMITTED

Include download link for error alerts due to network restrictions

It would be useful to have the download link in an error alert. That way, the domain that needs to be whitelisted can easily be recognised.
Liviu Barbat 11 days ago in Patch My PC Publisher 3 SUBMITTED

Add support for Okta MFA for PMP Cloud

Our org uses Okta for MFA, and we'd like to use it with PMP Cloud.
Guest 3 days ago in Patch My PC Cloud 0 SUBMITTED
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New MS Teams (2023) and rename existing Teams to Teams Classic

Microsoft is rolling out a new Teams client engine and renaming the existing one as Teams Classic. There are 'bulk' rollout methods, but would be great to have this in PMPC. Please see reference linked from this video:
Will Locke 9 months ago in Application Request 22 FUTURE CONSIDERATION

Webhook/Email notification on deployment creation

Currently Publisher sends a webhook notification when creating a new app, and newly created apps are shown in the email report. PMPC Cloud only send notifications when existing deployments are updated at 2AM.
Scott McAllister 15 days ago in Patch My PC Cloud 1 SUBMITTED

Modify OS Uptime Report

Currently the OS Uptime report, shows all systems and their uptime, however this is not necessarily correct. Need filter for inactive or offline systems. Looked at one employee where he has two systems, one system that stays in the office the othe...
Paul Andrews 10 days ago in Reporting (Advanced Insights) 0 STARTED