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Patch My PC Publisher Product Filter

Search is great in the Publisher UI but having a filter would be useful. Filtering on properties like:- Filter on keyword Enabled Products Only Local Download Required Manage Conflicting Processes Recommended Disable Auto-Update feature available ...
Ben Whitmore 11 days ago in Patch My PC Publisher 0 SUBMITTED
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Intune Uninstall option for Available Apps

Microsoft finally gave us an uninstall button for available apps so users can uninstall no longer required apps themselves from the company portal. This needs to be set individually on each app. Would PMPC be able to add this to the publisher so w...
Gregg 10 months ago in Patch My PC Publisher 23 IN PREVIEW

Add iSpring Suite 11 Application

Please add the iSping Suite application to Scappman
Guest 12 days ago in Custom Apps 0 SUBMITTED

Add Windows Install Date

When viewing client information, it would be handy to see when Windows was installed. Now we could go off the MCM object's creation date, but if this was a reimage where the object wasn't deleted, then it wouldn't matter.
Travis Greene 8 days ago in Reporting (Advanced Insights) 0 SUBMITTED

Auto-Update Available App Supersedence

Integrate the new auto-update capability within app available app assignments: Uses the win32LobAppAutoUpdateSettings resource type in ...
James Robinson 25 days ago in Patch My PC Publisher 0 SUBMITTED

Warranty Dates in Device Information

Add warranty start and end dates in the device's warranty tab, not just in the warranty table
tom pionk 9 days ago in Reporting (Advanced Insights) 1 SUBMITTED

Add Right-Click/App Option for Content Download from Neighbouring Boundaries

When clients require content from a neighbouring boundary group, this Deployment Type option enables the content to be downloaded, rather than failing. Having this as a Right-Click Option, or App Option, reduces time needed to manually change it o...
Jay 18 days ago in Patch My PC Publisher 1 SUBMITTED
121 VOTE

Advanced Insights for Microsoft Intune

We realize this is on your roadmap, but considering the limited reporting available with Intune, we decided to post this idea as it's a real need for any company only using Intune for Windows device management. For example, there is currently no c...
Jim Jankowski 7 months ago in Reporting (Advanced Insights) 0 STARTED

Enable the ability to set additional application metadata that syncs to Intune applications

We manage application metadata like Owner for custom Win32 apps in Intune. Since a large number of our apps are now managed by PMPC, we are finding that we have a gap in owner info for PMPC apps in Intune. Trying to link the apps back to a seconda...
Guest about 2 months ago in Patch My PC Publisher 1 SUBMITTED

Support for kubectl

Add kubectl to patch my PC
Alexandre Laframboise 2 months ago in Application Request 2 SUBMITTED