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Change detection of Adobe Reader DC 32-bit to consider it to be installed if the 64-bit Reader is already installed

Adobe is migrating all Reader DC to 64-bit and we don't want 32-bit to overwrite 64-bit. We can do this manually but changing the script would be most helpful. Probably true for most apps - bypass the 32-bit version if 64-bit is already there.
Russell Johnson 8 days ago in Publishing Service 0 SUBMITTED

Python maintenance releases

Python releases maintenance releases that can then be compiled or designated within Python itself - these are also called security only releases. Adang1345 on github provisions these are unofficial installers but I assume it could be built by PmyP...
Langley Armstrong 10 days ago in Application Request 0 SUBMITTED

WINRAR - obey different languages

winrar is available in different languages and there are no languages pack available. If you install english version, only english is available. When i installed it via SCCM i created two deployment types regarding OS languages so german OS got ge...
Sascha DoesntMatter 14 days ago in Language Support 0 SUBMITTED

iManage Work 10 Desktop for Windows

Primary document management client for the legal industry. 1 million active users globally. Currently the app can self-update, but requires user consent to close conflicting apps.
Daniel Creaney 5 months ago in Application Request 4 NOTED

Resolve Adobe Reader Task Sequence Install Error

I understand this currently a known issue, but it does appear to have been going on for a while as your known issues points out version, 21.007.20099 and the current Reader version is 22.003.20258. I am curious if there is any update or known work...
Guest about 2 months ago in Application Request 0 SUBMITTED

Support ARM architecture

A number of applications in the Patch My PC catalog offer ARM architecture support and this seems to be gaining popularity. A couple examples I've noticed thus far are Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client, Sysmon just released ARM support this ...
Shane Conner 30 days ago in Publishing Service 0 SUBMITTED

Antidote (Druide)

Antidote is a very commun application used in most of the schools in Quebec, Canada. A lot of enterprises use it too. Its a powerfull French and English auto-corrector. Most of our clients asks if this product is available with Patch My PC. In som...
Nicolas St-Hilaire 10 months ago in Application Request 6 NO GO :(

Add Microsoft .NET Core Runtime and Hosting Bundle Back for Base Installs

We removed this product since it was added to WSUS and Windows Update ( However, we did get feedback that it would be helpful to add back for base installs o...
Justin Chalfant about 2 months ago in Application Request 3 SUBMITTED

KnowBe4 Phishing Alert Button Outlook plugin

Seeing if its possible to add this to the PMPC apps and software updates. It may be behind a login so not sure if its doable. I saw at least one other Outlook plugin in the catalog so figured I would give it a shot.
Guest 6 months ago in Application Request 2 NO GO :(

SoftEther VPN Project
Guest 7 months ago in Application Request 3 NO GO :(