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Manage dependencies

Create and edit dependencies for your deployments within
Scott McAllister about 2 months ago in Patch My PC Cloud 1 SUBMITTED

Alexandre Laframboise about 1 month ago in Application Request 0 SUBMITTED

Beyond Compare 5

Scooter Software just released Beyond Compare 5. We are looking to have it added to the catalog, appears to have dropped MSI support and only has an EXE at this point.
Andrew Gawronski 3 days ago in Custom Apps 0 SUBMITTED

Add enabled app/update count in the GUI for both tabs

Having the number of enabled Apps and Updates visible on their respective tabs (somewhere suitable on the Publisher GUI of course) would be useful when comparing the number of Apps vs Updates that are activated. This would also be useful during re...
D K 4 days ago in Patch My PC Publisher 0 SUBMITTED

Add support for Open IFC Viewer

A free tool to view IFC files
Guest 7 days ago in Application Request 1 SUBMITTED

Add Ability to Retrieve Bitlocker Recovery Keys from CM Database

Currently there is no easy way to access recovery keys escrowed within the CM Database. Using HelpDesk site is cumbersome (and requires you to know the recovery id). Co-Managed devices do have their recovery keys within Intune but requires a non-t...
Lee Langley 12 days ago in Reporting (Advanced Insights) 0 SUBMITTED

Post Install Option to Re-Open a Conflicting Process if it was Running

Today you can create a post-install script that will re-open an executable once the install has finished. However, I only want to re-open the executable if it was running at the time of install and had to be closed because it was a conflicting pro...
Brian Kaiser 18 days ago in Patch My PC Publisher 0 SUBMITTED
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Intune support for MacOS

Lot's of MEM customers are also using MacOS devices. Would be great if this was also supported within PatchMyPC. The way of packaging is mostly the same as for Windows devices
Thijs Lecomte over 3 years ago in Patch My PC Publisher 31 SUBMITTED

App version retention
Scott McAllister about 2 months ago in Patch My PC Cloud 2 SUBMITTED

Support for Intune Device Preparation Policies

Add support for assigning applications and scripts to the new Autopilot Device Preparation Policies. Currently PatchMyPC supports adding applications to be installed as part of an Autopilot Enrolment Status Page. However Microsoft have now release...
Mark Holmes about 1 month ago in Patch My PC Publisher 0 SUBMITTED