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Intune Uninstall option for Available Apps

Microsoft finally gave us an uninstall button for available apps so users can uninstall no longer required apps themselves from the company portal. This needs to be set individually on each app. Would PMPC be able to add this to the publisher so w...
Gregg 2 months ago in Publishing Service 4 STARTED

Notification after success installation.

As part of the Manage Conflicting Processes\Notification Policies for updates, add an option to show a notification pop-up after the installation of the update has completed. Users don't know how long an update installation will take after allowin...
Guest 10 days ago in Publishing Service 0 SUBMITTED

Allow the option to reduce icon sizes for ConfigMgr apps from 256px to 110px

When CI's are downloaded over a CMG, BITS will sometimes fail to download the CI if the base64 length of the icon in the application xml exceeds 40k. Having the option to reduce the size of icons from 256px to 110px should go some way to alleviate...
Ben Whitmore 11 days ago in Publishing Service 0 NOTED
483 VOTE

Ability to create Custom App updates and base installs

would really be awesome and useful to be able to use pmpc as a way to publish other non public stuff. For instance software behind paywalls that pmpc couldnt get hands on, in house private/custom/non public software, or just as a way to push files...
Claudio Mendes over 2 years ago in Publishing Service 26 STARTED
170 VOTE

Automatically uninstall other editions of the same product

Uninstall other editions detected on the device that isn't the deployed application. For example: if the customer deploys 7-Zip 64bit MSI application as required to a device, and the device has 7-Zip 32bit EXE or any other flavour of 7-Zip install...
Adam Cook 11 months ago in Publishing Service 6 SUBMITTED

Create a "Not IoT" Application Requirement

Some of the tools (such as some of the Cisco AnyConnect Modules), are not supported on Windows IoT. Would it be possible to add a "Not IoT" application requirement option, like there is for "Workstation", "32-bit OS", etc.
Benjamin Meis 6 days ago in Publishing Service 0 SUBMITTED

Intune scan wizard - Filter by group

If a customer has a co0managed environment, but not all devices are supposed to receive updates from Patch My PC, the customer may want to filter the Intune Scan Wizard to only show the devices they have licenced. e.g. 6000 endpoints total. 5000 C...
Scott McAllister 6 days ago in Publishing Service 0 SUBMITTED

Update rings for app updates in Intune

I'm missing the ability to assign app updates with update rings like in WUfB. The use case is assign apps to a pilot group first after a certain amount of time, assign the app to a broader ring group (automatically with an adjustable time frame, m...
Andreas Landry about 1 month ago in Publishing Service 0 SUBMITTED
318 VOTE

Allow multiple copies of app for different configurations

Allow creating multiple copies of an application so that you can have different configurations of the application. For example, if an application is licensed with a post-script, but different departments have a separate license for the app, it...
Guest over 3 years ago in Publishing Service 24 SUBMITTED

Add a right click option to add NoRemove to MSI based apps

It would be useful to have the ability to remove the option to uninstall the application from Add/Remove Programs. To do this, the following DWORD needs to be set in the uninstall hive for the MSI NoRemove = 1 The Publisher would need to know whic...
Ben Whitmore about 1 month ago in Publishing Service 0 SUBMITTED