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Patch My PC Feature and Application Request

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Add Global Relay Messaging App to Catalog

Global Relay is a messaging application used in many financial institutions.
Ryan Seaford 7 days ago in Application Request 1 SHIPPED
244 VOTE

Intune Uninstall option for Available Apps

Microsoft finally gave us an uninstall button for available apps so users can uninstall no longer required apps themselves from the company portal. This needs to be set individually on each app. Would PMPC be able to add this to the publisher so w...
Gregg 12 months ago in Patch My PC Publisher 27 SHIPPED

REAPER: Application Request

Add REAPER to the PMPC Catalog
Jason Bergner 8 days ago in Application Request 1 SHIPPED

Dell Command | Endpoint Configure for Microsoft Intune

This is Dell's agent to support the new "BIOS Configurations" template in Intune. You feed the template a config file and it interacts with the agent to apply those BIOS configurations. Install guide:
Guest 4 months ago in Application Request 9 SHIPPED

App Request: reMarkable desktop app

Seeing more end users using these cloud notepads to write down notes and transfer the written notes to their local computers/laptops. Easier for notetaking/travel.
Mario Del Toro 6 months ago in Application Request 6 SHIPPED
555 VOTE

Ability to create Custom App updates and base installs

would really be awesome and useful to be able to use pmpc as a way to publish other non public stuff. For instance software behind paywalls that pmpc couldnt get hands on, in house private/custom/non public software, or just as a way to push files...
Claudio Mendes over 3 years ago in Patch My PC Publisher 38 SHIPPED

Add Egress Outlook Add-in (COM)

This is a widely used add-in for Email Encryption etc. within larger companies Currently manually patching
Guest 5 months ago in Application Request 5 SHIPPED

Camtasia 2024

Camtasia 2024 was recently released to replace 2023. The URL for download is the same as before.
Steve Burggraaf about 1 month ago in Application Request 1 SHIPPED

Mouse without Borders

Control multiple machines at the same time with a single mouse and keyboard.
Adam Crawford about 1 month ago in Application Request 2 SHIPPED

Add Fortify (simple msi) install to catalog

Simple MSI installer for Fortify application, used for 2 factor authentication using smart cards.
William Darby about 2 months ago in Application Request 1 SHIPPED