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Patch My PC Feature and Application Request

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Created by Michael Escamilla
Created on Jun 7, 2022

Application Retention - Remove Administrative Categories

When using the 'Retaining previously created applications' option, I would like the currently set 'Administrative Categories' on the application to NOT carry over to the Retained Applications. Having the ability to choose whether or not the Retain on specific applications would be even better.

We use 'ConfigMgr OSD FrontEnd' from the team. The applications tab allows you to dynamically include applications based on Administrative Category. We have it configured to only check the application without the Version in the name, so we are ok with that. But the older versions do show up since they have the Admin Category assigned to them.

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  • Admin
    Cody Mathis
    Aug 29, 2022

    We really appreciate the feedback!

    I saw this one come through, and it seemed like an easy win! I know the ConfigMgr OSD FrontEnd is a relatively popular community tool so improving the compatability of our product with this community tool makes sense.

  • Michael Escamilla
    Aug 29, 2022

    Hey PMP Team,

    Installed the preview build and tested this out. Retained application Successfully had it's Adminsitative Category removed.

    I think it's great that PMP listens and plays an active role within the community.

    We look forward to have this get moved over to the production build.