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Patch My PC Feature and Application Request

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Created on Jul 18, 2019

Separate Sync Schedule for Apps vs Patches

It would be nice to allow Apps to sync once a week while patches could sync every day.


Schedule set to daily at 2:00am.  Patches and Apps sync and distribute to all DPs (how we have it configured).  Content transfer gets deep queue and during patch Tuesday week, the extra traffic from the Apps syncing causes delay on patch delivery to DPs.


Ideal Scenario:

Updates set to sync daily at 2:00am.

Apps set to sync weekly on Saturday at 11:00pm.

Because of the Saturday 11:00pm schedule, apps update and distribute during "quiet hours".  Also, since we update existing apps, less likely to run into "Content not available issues" for apps.

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  • Claudio Mendes
    May 29, 2022


  • Dan Dirksen
    Aug 27, 2021


    I posted an idea for individual app syncs, same use case... would like to be able to test changes without impacting all automation.

  • Admin
    Antony Crudgington
    Aug 27, 2021

    2 tabs, 1 Intune and 1 ConfigMgr, but within those tabs have separate buttons to set separate schedules for App and Updates

  • Alan Anderson
    Feb 23, 2021

    I also voted for this but am suggesting separate schedules for each of the four types. My main motivation is for Intune updates. Currently I have our sync set for nightly to ease the burden on our WAN links for WSUS/ConfigMan updates and apps. And since I can control the deployment of these with ConfigMan, I can keep the end-users happy with a single deadline each month. We're beginning our cloud migration and having a separate schedule for Intune updates would give me a way to have a single deadline each month....well as long as I can coordinate it with WUfB scheduling. This would also allow me to make new apps available in Intune right away.

  • Eric Nelson
    Oct 21, 2019

    Voting  this up as we would also like to see some separation  between apps and updates. Possibly even on individual apps.  If we are updating an app   we don't really need or want all the other apps/updates to get downloaded from a manual sync. 

  • Phillip Dougherty
    Oct 21, 2019

    I agree with Nic. I'm trying to test post install scripts and a variety of apps and updates are pulled in. I would like it if I could only update the application I'm working on.

  • Nic W
    Aug 6, 2019

    Voting this one in here, too. Especially if I'm working to tweak custom pre/post scripts, being able to test them on the Applications without syncing the Updates, is ideal. Keeps updates from being inadvertently superseded and is quicker for testing.

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