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Patch My PC Feature and Application Request

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Categories Publishing Service
Created by David Allen
Created on Jan 6, 2023

Add filter to "Scan Intune for Supported Products" to scan AADJ devices only or a M365 group

The "Scan Intune for Supported Products" tool on the "Intune Updates" section of the Patch My PC Publishing Service could benefit from having the option for a filter to only query devices with a particular AAD join type. For instance, we have many devices that are hybrid Azure AD joined and others that are Azure AD joined and managed by Intune exclusively. The former group of PCs have their apps and updates managed by ConfigMgr while the latter has their apps and updates managed by Intune. For these devices, it isn't useful to query the inventory information for all devices in our environment. If we could filter by AAD join type (hybrid Azure AD joined, Azure AD joined, etc.) or querying only devices in a particular Microsoft 365 group, that would allow us to target our Intune managed devices directly.

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