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Created by Andrew Jahnke
Created on May 17, 2023

Synchronize collections for Dashboards/reports

A way to synchronize the collections that a dashboard is showing data for so we don't have to change it on every graph/table on the dashboard to see the filtered data? For example the security team just wants to quickly view the compliance of just servers, using the "Software Updates Dashboard" and they have to change the filter on the chart and two tables. Also, can we filter the compliance snapshots at the top of that dashboard so that it's not showing all devices? Either by collection or client vs server OS?

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  • John Quirk
    May 18, 2023

    Thanks Andrew, we are working on this now. The first iteration will be to allow the admin or the user to specify a default collection. All dashboards on initial open will automatically pick that collection, but the user will be able to change if required. We will look at having an all-page collection picker too, but that'll be for a later release.