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Patch My PC Feature and Application Request

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Created by Rob Dearson
Created on Sep 19, 2023

.Net Core SDK

.net core desktop runtime & hosting bundle are currently supported applications but not the SDK itself which is being requested by our developers for visual studio code extensions.

Requesting app "Microsoft .Net Core 7.0 SDK" but be great to have all other supported .net core SDK's as well included in the catalog (.Net Core 8.0 SDK etc).

Can we please include support for the applications? Understand that it might not make it into the update catalog as Microsoft Update should be maintaining the software versions.

Microsoft have installation scripts for CI/CD agents, this script looks like it will be useful for any PMPC automation :)

function Get-Product-Version-Url

function Get-AkaMSDownloadLink

function Get-AkaMsLink-And-Version

Which Product is this Request for (New Application Request Only) Patch My PC
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  • Mathias Ottsen
    Nov 7, 2023

    +1 We have so many developers who would love this

  • +9