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Created by Jim Webb
Created on Feb 15, 2024

Software Update dashboard should only look at deployed updates for compliance

We have added driver updates from HP into SCCM, but have not deployed them. When viewing patch compliance or needed updates for a computer, the number of updates reflects updates that we have not deployed, but are simply in our system. This skews the numbers, and makes the compliance data look worse than it is.

The same problem happens if you simply enable a new software product, not any computer that needs those updates shows that even if not deployed.

In my opinion, the compliance info should either only look at deployed updates, or have a toggle that lets the user decide.

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  • Andy Lukaszewski
    Feb 27, 2024

    The Software Updates dashboard generally only takes into consideration Deployed updates, however will will look to add this as an option (perhaps default) to the per device compliance data.

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