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Pre/Post Scripts and CMDline Parameters for Uninstall

For the install process there is the very useful functionality to have pre and post script, add files and folders and define some additional Cmdline Arguments. We need the same options for uninstall process.

Sometime we made some special reg-keys or copy some special content during the install process by using post script. When the user uninstall the sw by software center the customizing from the post scripts still exists.

  • Tobias Ketz
  • Dec 18 2019
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  • Tully Hall commented
    13 Jul, 2021 06:13pm

    My example would be regarding 8x8. Their default start menu icon is "8x8 Work (managed).lnk". IT Execs have asked that we rename it to "8x8 Work.lnk". And this is totally doable with the install pre/post scripts.

    However, when the application is uninstalled from Apps & Features* the renamed shortcut remains and would need to be removed with a post-uninstall script.

    *The current built-in uninstall won't work correctly until the app is renamed in PMPC

  • Admin
    Cody Mathis commented
    1 Jul, 2021 01:01pm

    Do we have some examples of the need for CMDline Parameters?

    This feature is otherwise done in code and will be in the next preview release. At this time it will not have CMDline Parameters for uninstall.

    Additionally will be in the next preview as well

  • Jason Jenkins commented
    11 Jun, 2021 10:36pm

    In addition to the pre/post scripts and paramaters, I would like to see feature parity wherever possible for install and uninstall related functions. For example extending all current MSI logging features (as well as any future exe logging features) to uninstalls.

  • Cory Zaner commented
    22 Apr, 2021 10:47pm

    Yes need this for Citrix Workspace and the HDX connector.

  • Jake Snyder commented
    26 Mar, 2021 07:48pm


    I could actually see myself using this for Microsoft Teams.

    The typical uninstall process would run and then I could also run an additional script to clean out Teams from each user profile.

    If a user then reinstalled Teams from Software Center, then I could run a post install script to run a scheduled task as the user to get Teams to install to the profile right away like Cody Mathis blogged about recently:

  • Claudio Mendes commented
    15 Mar, 2021 08:05am


  • Tuan Nguyen commented
    26 Oct, 2020 07:18pm

    Need to have the option to “Auto close application processes before Uninstallation". If the application is open, then it will not be uninstalled properly.

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