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Global Protect Updates

Hi please can you add support for the Palo Alto global protect vpn client updates.

  • Matt Clarke
  • Feb 3 2020
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  • Charles Devresse commented
    23 Dec, 2021 05:02am
    Hello ! Thanks to add Global Protect into PatchMyPC !! As we have a strong approval process for each GP version, do you think it could be possible to have the choice and put the version we want and not to be forces to add the latest ? Example : we heavily tested the 5.2.9 and the 5.2.10 has been released in the meantime but not tested... thanks in advance for your answer !!
  • Brandon Adams commented
    21 Dec, 2021 10:02pm

    Hello Leo,

    Apparently right after we downloaded the last Global Protect agent, Palo Alto dropped another release that same day. Would you please download and attach that in a Zip file for us?

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  • Michael Ikeda commented
    20 Dec, 2021 06:16pm

    I uploaded 5.2.10.

  • Admin
    Andrew Jimenez commented
    17 Dec, 2021 08:19pm

    Of course as I'm building it they release 5.2.10 :|

    Would someone be able to send me 5.2.10 as well please?

  • Brandon Adams commented
    16 Dec, 2021 08:40pm

    I have uploaded the latest Windows Version which is 5.2.9 along with the hash checks.

  • Admin
    Andrew Jimenez commented
    16 Dec, 2021 06:18pm

    Going to work on this now, hopefully have it by next week. Looks like 5.2.9 is out for Windows and possibly 5.3? Can someone provide the latest installer and we will get this one added!

  • Brandon Adams commented
    1 Nov, 2021 06:33pm

    Any update on getting this added?

  • Nicholas Worthington commented
    16 Sep, 2021 12:20pm

    I've uploaded files as requested.

  • Admin
    Andrew Jimenez commented
    14 Sep, 2021 05:39pm

    Hi, that is good news. I have set this back to noted. If anyone would like to see this app added (it has a ton of votes), would you be able to send over the latest and n-1 versions to us using this link: With that, we can investigate support of this product.

  • Nicholas Worthington commented
    10 Sep, 2021 07:19am

    Can this be looked at again please. The GlobalProtect app itself is downloaded from the Palo Alto support portal and not unique to that customer.

    It is unfortunately behind a customer logon portal so would need to go into the local content repository folder.

    The download itself is an MSI and can be ran like you would any other file.

  • Admin
    Andrew Jimenez commented
    9 Jun, 2021 04:07am

    If the installer is unique to each environment, the installer may have a different hash value per environment. If the file hash differs from what we have in the catalog, the update cannot be published. From our understanding, the installer will be different for each environment and will likely have a different file hash per environment.

  • Guest commented
    8 Jun, 2021 02:34pm

    Previous submission suggested this might not be doable due to each site generating it's own custom MSI/installer. Could this not be accommodated via the "ThirdPartyLicensedProductDownloads" folder/mechanism ?

  • Admin
    Justin Chalfant commented
    15 Sep, 2020 11:45am

    Based on: if i recal correctly, this is generated at the Palo Alto ASA and is unique to each envirment.

  • Pepijn Vermeersch commented
    14 Sep, 2020 06:21am

    Oracle Java JRE is also not public available, why can't we use this method so we need to put the installer in a specific folder as source for PMPC?

  • Admin
    Justin Chalfant commented
    13 Sep, 2020 04:05pm

    Based on this feedback, I'm going to mark incompatable.

  • Russel Medina commented
    13 Sep, 2020 03:35am

    i, dont think there is a public installer.

    if i recal correctly, this is generated at the Palo Alto ASA and is unique to each envirment.

    i would recomend asking your LanManager to enable auto update for the application.

  • Admin
    Justin Chalfant commented
    13 Sep, 2020 03:29am

    Does anyone know if there's a public download link provided by the vendor?

  • Admin
    Andrew Jimenez commented
    26 Mar, 2020 09:52pm

    This is going to be a tough one without access to a Palo Alto to grab updates from. Do you happen to know if they distribute the installers at some publicly accessible link?

  • Galileo Gaudier commented
    26 Mar, 2020 12:21am

    Hi Justin. May I know if there's any updates on this request? Thank you

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