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This seems like a useful application to add as it becomes more used for remote work. It is already a part of the home updater software.

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  • Mar 17 2020
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  • Ronak Gabani commented
    30 Aug 07:18am

    Hi Admin,

    Could you please check the detection rule in attachment? Maybe this is something we could use too.


  • Admin
    Liviu Barbat commented
    25 Aug 08:29am

    Hello Ronak,

    The limitation for AnyDesk MSI is related to both the vendor (they use the same product code with each release) and Patch My PC (our detection script only checks for the product code for MSIs, and if found, it will mark the app as detected, it does not do additional checks).
    For the limitation from the PMPC side of things, it has been raised internally an improvement request for the detection script.
    This is why this ideas has been marked as a "Future consideration".

  • Ronak Gabani commented
    25 Aug 07:25am

    Dear Admin,

    Thank you for your response!

    We have had one of your competitors in POC and they support AnyDesk.

    Could you please double check, how that is possible? Does one need any special "contract" with Anydesk for this?

    Thanks, Ronak

  • Admin
    Liviu Barbat commented
    24 Aug 04:08pm

    Hi everyone,

    I am the bearer of bad news, unfortunately. As things stand, we cannot support this app, neither the MSI, nor the EXE.

    For the EXE, for the "--install" argument, the vendor requires the path to be specified. Every customer might have it installed in different folders, especially if manually installed by the user, so we cannot specify a path of our own.

    For the MSI, the vendor goes with the same product code with every version. That is unfortunate, because the product code is what we check for the detection method.

    This idea will be marked as future consideration, in case things will change.

  • Ronak Gabani commented
    23 Aug 01:27pm

    Thanks Admin, We are really looking forward to it :)

  • Admin
    Liviu Barbat commented
    23 Aug 11:22am

    Thank you everyone for your contribution!
    We have the older versions that we need to test the upgrade.
    We will try to add this to the catalog this week.

  • Guest commented
    23 Aug 10:58am

    Uploaded an older msi file

  • Admin
    Liviu Barbat commented
    23 Aug 10:14am

    Thank you, I already receive an older version of the EXE installer.

    Does anyone have an older version of the MSI installer?

  • Admin
    Liviu Barbat commented
    23 Aug 09:12am

    Does anyone have an older version of AnyDesk EXE and MSI to offer?
    We would like to add this to the catalog, but we need to test the upgrade process first.
    If someone has them, please upload them here:
    Just name the zip file: AnyDesk_Installers_forLiviu

  • Ronak Gabani commented
    29 Jul 11:15am

    The Application is quite important for us. We just bought a subscription a couple of days ago. If this will not be added, we will unfortunately use the right to give back the product within 180 days.

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