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Patch My PC Feature and Application Request

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Created by Stephen Cranfield
Created on Sep 15, 2020

HP Support Tools - Image Assistant

HP Support Tools are great for machines and troubleshooting issues. Making this available via SW Center while maintained by PMyPC would be great.

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  • Guest
    Apr 17, 2023

    import requests
    from bs4 import BeautifulSoup

    url = ""
    response = requests.get(url)

    soup = BeautifulSoup(response.content, "html.parser")

    # Find the version table
    main_content = soup.find('div', class_='main-content-area')
    version_table = main_content.find('table')
    version_number = version_table.find('td').text
    download_link = version_table.find('a')['href']

    Now I setup an alert for the version change, hopefully this can be automated by PMPC

  • A Giberson
    Feb 9, 2023

    Hi Andrew, correct HPIA does not 'install' but runs as a standalone every time. HP does have a guide for how to package for Intune but if it was automated by patchmypc for new versions that would be amazing.
    HP guide:

  • Jeff Loker
    Dec 7, 2022; HP Softpaq; current version is hp-hpia-5.1.7.exe. Double-clicking the executable installs the app to c:\SWSetup\SP12345 (Softpaq #). There is no desktop shortcut, Start menu, etc. configured. User has to manually send HPImageAssistant application shortcut to the Desktop

  • Guest
    Dec 31, 2021
    No, I don't believe there is an installer, it's more of an unpack/unzip. But creating a routine or "install" that unpacks, and create links/shortcuts either on the desktop or Start Menu could be beneficial. And then overwrite/unpack the subsequent versions ontop of the same locale each time...
  • Admin
    Andrew Jimenez
    Dec 31, 2021

    Doing some research on this app and it seems that this software is not actually installed on the device it is ran on. Is that the case?

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HP Support Tools

The HP Support Assistant, and the HP Image Assistant are good support tools for users especially when working from home to help self diagnose driver issues.
Stephen Cranfield over 3 years ago in Application Request 0 SUBMITTED

HP Image Assistant (HPIA)

The HP Image Assistant is an essential tool that provides assistance to IT System Administrators to improve the quality and security of their HP PCs running Microsoft Windows by analyzing, identifying problems, and recommending solutions.
Guest almost 2 years ago in Application Request 0 SUBMITTED