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New Application Request: ClipClip

ClipClip is a great Clipboard manager which allows you to store custom clips and refer back to your clipboard history. It is very useful for developers/coders or anyone who requires copy and paste all the time.
D K 9 days ago in Application Request 0 NOTED

Increase the character limit for custom command lines in Patch My PC Cloud

The 250 max character limit for additional command line arguments in the cloud publisher is limiting. Please can this limit be lifted so customers can pass longer API/Auth tokens or MSI parameters (as an example).
Ben Whitmore 22 days ago in Patch My PC Cloud 0 NOTED

Workfront Proof app for Windows

The workfront proof app is an EXE installer from here We have lots of users installing this and it would be good to manage with PMPC
Guest about 2 months ago in Application Request 0 NOTED

Average system age based on warranty information - Advanced Insights

It would be useful to have a dashboard with the average system age - this should be based on the Start of the warranty for each of our devices.
Guest 3 months ago in Reporting (Advanced Insights) 0 NOTED

Option to hide/exclude update within advanced insights

It may be useful to be able to hide or exclude an update within Advanced Insights so that it does not skew reporting data.
Scott McAllister 3 months ago in Reporting (Advanced Insights) 0 NOTED

Primary user Missing report

Can we add a report that shows Primary User ID missing in SCCM and also in Intune
Vinod Kumar 4 months ago in Reporting (Advanced Insights) 0 NOTED

Clone Roles Configuration/Permissions in Advanced Insights

It would be helpful if we can clone a role's permissions in Advanced Insights when a new group is being set up. Presently we have to compare checklists between the roles to make sure the permissions need to be adjusted and sometimes something woul...
Scott Preston 4 months ago in Reporting (Advanced Insights) 0 NOTED

WinSCP - Configuration keys on HKCU

Hi, We are trying to integrate WinSCP using PatchMyPc, but we found that most of the configurations for this product are HKCU registry keys. You are possible aware that opening user profiles in a Post-Script, may corrupt some of the existing user ...
Joel E.G. 4 months ago in Patch My PC Publisher 1 NOTED

Timetabling Solutions

Timetabling Solutions V10 is a sophisticated software program for constructing, managing and publishing school timetables. It is developed and supported by professional timetablers and used by over 60% of independent schools within Australia.
Guest 5 months ago in Application Request 12 NOTED

Amazon AppStream 2.0 USB Driver

Ability to add USB driver extension from Enterprise-wide installer for use with AppStream 2.0
Guest 6 months ago in Application Request 0 NOTED