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Patch My PC Feature and Application Request

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Application Request

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User action Logs

It would be beneficial for MSP's to be able to track who enabled or disabled apps in patch my pc. A log to track changes made with the user against that action would help to discover when and who selected the installation from pmpc
Damien Cresswell about 1 month ago in Application Request 0 SUBMITTED

Application request for Ultimaker Cura3D

Would like to put in for application Request for Ultimaker Cura3D.
Guest 5 days ago in Application Request 0 SUBMITTED

Capture One Pro

Capture One Pro is a inustry standard tool used for photo production, editing and tethering with dslrs for remote control and picture transmission. I don't know if this is possible but adding a option to pre add license key and account information...
Max Schmitt about 1 month ago in Application Request 1 SUBMITTED

Python maintenance releases

Python releases maintenance releases that can then be compiled or designated within Python itself - these are also called security only releases. Adang1345 on github provisions these are unofficial installers but I assume it could be built by PmyP...
Langley Armstrong 5 days ago in Application Request 0 SUBMITTED

Support for patching AutoDesk Revit LT 2022

PatchMyPC is already able to patch AutoDesk Revit 2022 and I would like it to be able also to patch the AutoDesk Revit LT 2022 version.
Guest about 1 month ago in Application Request 0 SUBMITTED

Quick Assist - Microsoft Store Version

Microsoft's Quick Assist app has been a very solid tool to help IT connect to end users' computers. Microsoft has moved this app to the Microsoft Store which requires administrative access to install it when synced to Intune from Microsoft Store f...
Guest 3 days ago in Application Request 0 SUBMITTED

Google Chrome Beta

We have a lot of developers who uses Chrome Beta to test before we are hit by a new version of Chrome, but some forget to update the beta version. It would be great to have that in PMPC
Guest 27 days ago in Application Request 0 SUBMITTED

Rancher Desktop

In our organization more than 500 users are using Rancher Desktop. If it available in PatchMyPC repository it will help to manager the deployment. It is An open-source desktop application for Mac, Windows and Linux. Rancher Desktop runs Kubernetes...
Guest 25 days ago in Application Request 0 SUBMITTED

Resolve Adobe Reader Task Sequence Install Error

I understand this currently a known issue, but it does appear to have been going on for a while as your known issues points out version, 21.007.20099 and the current Reader version is 22.003.20258. I am curious if there is any update or known work...
Guest about 2 months ago in Application Request 0 SUBMITTED

iManage Work 10 Desktop for Windows

Primary document management client for the legal industry. 1 million active users globally. Currently the app can self-update, but requires user consent to close conflicting apps.
Daniel Creaney 5 months ago in Application Request 4 NOTED