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group standards creation and assignment

When creating deployments for intune offer an option of building groups with naming standards variables that the organization can define. ex: %scope%-%tgt%-%app%scope = prod/tst/pprdtgt = user/device/allapp = applets users define pattern or use ex...
Steven Sweeny 22 days ago in Documentation Improvement 0 SUBMITTED

Add sortable 'date added' field to the Supported Products page

It would allow us to easily see which new products have been added to the PatchMyPC supported products list.
Joe Hegyi about 1 month ago in Documentation Improvement 1 SUBMITTED

Search for Product from Catalog Release History Page

The current Catalog Release History page does not allow you to easily find when a specific product was updated. You have to rely on external search engines to crawl the posts and index them properly. It would be nice to have a search field where y...
Brian Kaiser 4 months ago in Documentation Improvement 0 SUBMITTED

ROI Tool exportable report for management

Would be nice if one could export a pretty report from the ROI tool that would be appealing to management.
Guest 4 months ago in Documentation Improvement 0 SUBMITTED

Typo on upgrading advanced insights The upgrading advanced insights (link above) has a typo "Clicking the 'Certificate Properties' button will show additional information about any warningd ...
Peter Ward 4 months ago in Documentation Improvement 0 SUBMITTED

Community Repository for Pre/Post Scripts

Many common actions need to happen in pre or post-scripts across several applications like modifying the registry and copying files to user profiles or system locations, among many others. Furthermore, there are often actions to license software i...
Andrew Kuehler 6 months ago in Documentation Improvement 2 SUBMITTED

On PMPC website for the app catalogue list which apps are freeware and which require license

The app catalogue on the website is a good reference to show what apps you have available but it would be great either in that or via a csv download which apps in the catalogue are freeware and which require a paid license. That way when evaluatin...
James Barber 8 months ago in Documentation Improvement 0 SUBMITTED

Knowledge Base Article to show User Experience for Updates - Reboots or Silent Install

We are migrating our Third Party Patching from SCCM to Intune, this also includes an increased coverage of Third Party applications we will end up patching. Our desire for Intune Patching is to minimise the Notifications and Interface the user rec...
Lee Bowman 9 months ago in Documentation Improvement 0 SUBMITTED

Add an RSS Feed for Just New App Releases

Right now the RSS feed contains both Updates to apps as well as newly released apps from the team. This works great! However if there was an RSS feed just for new apps I could better determine if I need to add them to be patched or deployed.
John Kuntz about 1 year ago in Documentation Improvement 0 SUBMITTED

Flag updates that require download in RSS

The RSS updates about catalog changes are great, would be nice to see them include some sort of marker on updates that require a manual download (AnyConnect, Java, BusyLight, etc.)
Damien Solodow over 1 year ago in Documentation Improvement 0 SUBMITTED